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    Am I purchasing a voucher or a product?


    Everything offered on our sites are digital vouchers.

    When purchasing a voucher for a product you'll be given the option to redeem this voucher during the purchase process which will allow you to send your order details to the advertised merchant for delivery. 

    Alternatively, you can redeem the voucher later on via your account as shown below.

    Any offers that are for personalised products eg, personalised t-shirts may require further action.

    Please ensure you review your voucher* after purchase and ensure it does not state that extra steps are required.

    If you are required to perform extra steps (eg, order from the merchant's website) then please ensure these are completed.

    Any questions please feel free to email for assistance! 

    The Team @ EML

    *To find your voucher please follow this article: https://support.empathymarketing.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001967769-Where-do-I-find-my-voucher-

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