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    Security Check


    To protect against fraud we occasionally hold orders, if this happens you will receive an email stating the following.

    "Thank you for ordering with site!

    Your order has been put on temporary hold by our verification system. Please reply to this ticket with an image of the front of the payment card used. The first 12 digits can be blocked out but the last 4 digits, name and expiry date should be clearly visible together with today's date and time and ‘site’ written on a piece of paper.

    This is for your security so that we can confirm and release your order. If you're unable to send us this, please let us know and we'll have your order cancelled/refunded."

    Unfortunately, this process will increase delivery time.

    Once this has been provided, your order will be manually checked by one of our agents and should be cleared as soon as possible! 

    Any questions please feel free to email for assistance! 

    The Team @ EML

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