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    How do I use my discount code?


    When purchasing a voucher, you will be given the option in the Shopping Cart to use your Discount Code.

    Below the Subtotal you will see a tab saying Use Discount Code or Points.

    If another Discount has been applied (e.g. Countdown %) you will first need to remove this by clicking on the (x) beside it.

    Click on the Discount Code option to use your Discount Code.

    Enter your code and press GO.

    If you do not press GO, the discount amount will not be deducted from the total cost.

    Please note, you can only use one code on each purchase.

    You cannot use Points and a discount code on the same purchase.

    Your code can only be used on offers over the value of the code.

    Any questions please feel free to email for assistance! 


    The Team @ EML

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