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    No Availability?


    Unfortunately, advertising venues only allocate a certain number of bookings to our customers per day.

    For this reason, we state on our offers that all voucher bookings are Subject to Allocation.

    We recommend that you contact the advertising venue directly to see if they may be willing to add more availability on the night you require. They are not obliged to do so but may be willing to.

    We advise customers to make a booking as soon as possible after purchasing a voucher, as we can fully refund any unredeemed vouchers if you apply within 14 days of purchase via our refund form.

    More details on how to apply for a refund can be found here: https://support.empathymarketing.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001996505

    Any questions please feel free to email for assistance! 

    The Team @ EML

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